We All Scream for Boozy Sip-Sicles, Push Pops, and Floats

Beat the heat with these spiked treats.

With record-breaking temperatures, a couple of Kold Draft cubes in your cocktail or shaved ice in your daiquiri is just not gonna cut it. Thankfully a few of L.A.’s top bartenders have taken their summer cocktails to the next chill level by creating boozy versions of your favorite hot-weather treat: Ice cream! To get you through the weekend, here’s a selection of some of the best liquored-up ice creams around town.

Beverly Wilshire’s Liquor Push Pops and Sundaes: Your childhood favorite is now all growns up at Beverly Wilshire’s Pool Bar and Cafe where it’s available in Patron Tequila Citrus and Berry Reisling flavors. At Sidebar downstairs, Pastry Chef Nicole Del Pino launched a “Summer of Sundaes” menu which features a different sundae every month. This month check out the Bellini sundae with ruby lip peach sorbet, prosecco and mint. August has the Sangria with pineapple sherbert, coconut sorbet, Malibu Rum and exotic fruits.

Cecconi’s “Affogato al Negroni”: Soho House Creative Bar Director Chris Ojeda cooled down favorite summertime cocktail the Negroni in the best, most genius way possible. The “Affogato al Negroni” is made with Soho House’s barrel-aged Negroni (Bombay gin, Campari, Martini & Rosso Sweet Vermouth) poured over a housemade seasonal sorbet.

Cole’s Alcohol Ice Creams: With this gorgeous-sounding trio of cocktail ice cream, Cole’s really should consider starting its own boozy ice cream truck. New flavors now available include “Orb” Strawberry Champagne Sorbet (fresh strawberries, Chandon sparkling wine, lemon juice and zest, balsamic vinegar, black pepper); Mint Julep Ice Cream (Bulleit Bourbon, fresh mint, cream); Black Butte Ice Cream (Black Butte, cream, vanilla, salt, dark chocolate).

Sadie’s Cocktail Floats: Yes, the floats are back! And Sadie’s Director of Spirits Giovanni Martinez has come up with new, delicious combinations, like the New Orleans-inspired “Bienville” with Absinthe ice cream and Abita Root Beer and his Art Beyond the Glass hit the “Oaxacan Czech Point” with Crema Mezcal, bitters, Coke and Becherovka ice cream.

Whist’s “Sip-Sicles”: For its poolside menu, Whist at the Viceroy in Santa Monica is offering cocktails on a stick. Take your pick of the “Greyhound” with Russian Standard vodka and grapefruit juice, a watermelon-tequila or the “Mojito” with Bacardi rum, mint and soda.

Franklin & Company’s Spiked Shakes: Though these aren’t new, they’re worth a mention. After a hot night at the Bowl, stop by this Hollywood gastropub for a selection of adult shakes based on beloved cocktails: Old Fashioned (whiskey, vanilla ice cream, bitters and orange and cherry syrup); White Russian (vodka, Kahlua and vanilla ice cream); and  the Car Bomb (Bailey’s, whiskey and vanilla ice cream).