Water Grill Picks New Executive Chef


Back in September, David LeFevre announced he would be leaving the downtown fine-dining stalwart, Water Grill , after his longtime stint as executive chef. Following a five-month search for his replacement, the company announced today that sous chef Amanda Baumgarten has been selected to fill the role. You remember Amanda, right? The talented (if a tad shrill) contestant from Top Chef season 7? (Hence the rather bizarre, “come hither” headshot—the folks at Water Grill say they’ll be getting a more cheffy pic soon.) Before working the stoves at Water Grill, Baumgarten worked in some of L.A.’s top kitchens including Patina, Melisse, and Ford’s Filling Station. No word yet if she’ll be making any changes to the seafood-heavy menu. Also no word on that forthcoming David LeFevre solo venture, but we’ll keep you posted.