So, Now We Know What’s Going On at Yamashiro Hollywood

Learn about the legendary restaurant and its uncertain future in ”The Sale,” a short available online

It’s an L.A. landmark with such stories to tell, a restaurant where employees claim there are ghosts, a building that houses priceless Asian artifacts and once served as the social house of the Four Hundred Club, Hollywood’s elite of the elite. But like many historic structures, Yamashiro’s future is unclear. The building, which broke ground in 1911 and began its life as a private home that was created as a replica of a Japanese palace, and land surrounding it is on the market and could turn into something completely different–maybe even that most 21st century sign of a neighborhood changing: luxury condos.

In his new short film, The Sale, released online today, L.A. director Ben Strang tells the story of Yamashiro through the eyes of Carlos Ulloa, stepson of principal owner Thomas Y. Glover. It’s a melancholy but hopeful look at a family and an institution facing upheaval, and it’s a reminder to take a moment and marvel at L.A.’s rich history.

“You don’t appreciate the architectural fabric or narrative of Los Angeles cause we’re bustling by in our pods,” Ulloa says in the film. “I think that’s what we have to start to appreciate.”

Here’s The Sale: