Watch Eric Greenspan Have the Time of His Life on Camera

The Melt Master is the newest series on YouTube’s Tasted channel

Anyone that knows The Foundry’s Eric Greenspan knows that the guy is a walking party. Put him in front of a camera with food (and get the show an awesome editor) and a series is born: The Melt Master debuted yesterday on YouTube’s Tasted channel and it already has a healthy number of fans. The premise of the show is simple: Greenspan tastes iconic L.A. dishes and then adapts them into epic grilled cheese sandwiches.

In this first episode, Greenspan tours the kitchen of Malibu beach classic Neptune’s Net (“The Net”) and gets schooled on clam chowder and fried crabs. Has a human ever looked so pleased after drinking the juices of a freshly boiled crab? Maybe, but that facial expression hasn’t been caught on camera until now.

Four other awesome moments from episode one:

1. When Greenspan dunks a battered clam into panko bread crumbs and says to it, “Hello, jewel of the ocean,” in a sinister voice.

2. When the crab that Greenspan picks from the tank bites his hand. (We’re not mean-spirited; he cooks it shortly afterwards.)

3. When Greenspan turns the seafood and cheese theory (that they don’t go well together) on its head.

4. When Greenspan chuckles as he announces that he’s going to griddle the sandwich atop a mixture of bacon fat and butter.

Watch the 10 minute episode to see the finished sandwich in all its cheesy glory.

The Melt Master airs on YouTube’s Tasted Channel.