Want to Drink at Gjusta?

The Venice bakery is hoping to secure a liquor license

Looks like Gjusta Bakery wants to serve something a tad stronger than cold-brewed coffee. On a recent trip to the expansive Venice spot, we spotted a stack of postcards addressed to Mike Bonin, Los Angeles Councilman from the 11th District, which covers the Westside. When we asked about it, a worker told us that Gjusta is trying to increase seating and attain a liquor license.

While this is very exciting—maybe even more exciting than baklava croissants—any restaurant owner will tell you that getting a liquor license in this town is an arduous, often years-long, and sometimes mystical process that can involve lotteries, big fees, inspections, letters to neighbors, zoning regulations, and neighborhood council hearings. But wouldn’t that porchetta sandwich taste so good with a beer?

If you want to help Gjusta, you can pop in and grab a postcard. They’ll even mail it in for you.

redarrowGjusta, 320 Sunset Ave, 310-314-0320