Wait, No! Mezze to Close October 27


This just in, folks: Chef Micah Wexler’s Mezze is closing its doors. The Middle Eastern hotspot, which was named one of our Best New Restaurants in 2011,  announced today that due to “overwhelming construction” within the mixed-use complex nextdoor, it will be forced to shutter on October 27.

From a release:

“Heavy construction for a massive residential and retail complex a few feet away from the restaurant began about six months ago. It has progressively worsened month after month. The building will take at least two more years to build.  The daily occurrence for the past four to six months of cement trucks and tractors in front of the restaurant, coupled with the completely fenced off sidewalk to the south of Mezze has made it impossible for guests to walk by foot from the south. There is now no crosswalk to arrive at Mezze from that direction. The construction has also made it extremely difficult to see the restaurant, making it nearly invisible.”

Managing partner Michael Kassar says the closure is “quite a disappointment for us, considering the great path Mezze was on.” Uh, ya think? We named Wexler one of our Chefs of the Year just last month.

An ongoing legal battle prevents the management from going into specifics, but the plan is to relocate as soon as possible. In the meantime, Wexler’s spiffy pastrami and matzo ball soup are still being served at UMAMIcatessen downtown.

With this news coming just days before Campanile closes for good, we’d say it’s not the best week for L.A. food—or these damn allergies. [*sniff, wipes tear*]  

(Photography by Misha Gravenor)