Video: How To Dye Easter Eggs with Fruits N’ Veggies

Local fancy foodstuffs retailer Good Eggs shows how it’s done

Newish online artisanal food retailer Good Eggs launched their local Food Hub in Frogtown last weekend with a big bash. Somehow, they still found time to put together this quick instructional video showing how to dye Easter eggs naturally.

The team says to use veggies like red cabbage (for blue), beets (for pink), onion skins (for orange-brown) or spices like turmeric (for yellow). Chop & simmer each veggie for about 30 minutes, let cool, strain, and add a splash of white vinegar. Dip eggs and behold the vibrant colors! The longer you dip, the brighter the egg’s “tan.”

(Videographer: “Hannah Johnson for Upstream” Music credit: My Blue Heaven by Walter Donaldson & George Whiting)