Vegan Burger Showdown at Mohawk Bend


Who says you need meat in a burger? Well, actually, usually I do. But not in two weeks when I’ll be acting as a token omnivorous judge at a Mohawk Bend vegan burger showdown. On July 30, chef Mike Garber of the Echo Park restaurant will compete against chefs Jet Tila (The Charleston) and Kjasa Alger (STREET) for the title of vegan burger champion! I’ll be judging along with fellow pros like Heather Goldberg and Jenna Engel of Spork Foods, Antoanet “Toni” Aburto of Chica Vegan and M Café de Chaya, and Top Chef Masters judge and Los Angeles contributor Krista Simmons! But the public can take part too: For $12, you can order a sampler platter with slider versions of each burger and vote on your favorite. The winner will take home the coveted People’s Choice award, which, along with the Judge’s choice, will be announced at 9:30 p.m. by yours truly.

Let the un-bloody battle begin.