Valentine’s Day: Gifts for the Food Lover in Your Life

A little something-something for your someone special

❶ Sweet Talk
When words fail you, let a cookie do the talking. Santa Monica’s Farmshop has taken the Conversation Heart candy and turned it into a fine almond shortbread. Pick from classics like “Be Mine” or special-order your own love note. > $3.50 each,

Shades of Hades | Spice things up with a Sriracha Sauce from Bill Spencer of Windrose Farm. He roasts red jalapeños, then adds garlic, brown sugar, kosher salt, and Pesenti Winery’s white wine vinegar. His secret ingredient: the farm’s smoke-dried heirloom tomatoes. > $8 (for 8 oz.),

Melting Pot | If you’re befuddled by the selection of single-origin coffees, let L.A.-based Tonx choose the beans from growers around the world, roast them, and deliver fresh bags to you every two weeks. > Subscriptions start at $24 per month (for two 6 oz. bags),

Cocoa Puffs | At her new Culver City production facility and tasting bar, chocolatier Patricia Tsai has gone craftsy. Along with her hand-ground chocolates, she’s selling dried CACAO BEAN necklaces. The beads smell faintly of cocoa and combine two Valentine’s traditions—chocolate and jewelry—in one token of affection. > $25 each,

Hello Kitty | Pull out a couple of Catnaps cloths at the next family gathering. The soft cotton-and-linen squares—topped with a playful feline face—can be table settings or tucked in collars as one way to quickly wipe up the drips. > $36 (for two),

 In the Spirit | Chareau, which gets its singular flavor from the aloe vera plant, is the newcomer in the spirits world. Creator Kurt Charron makes the liqueur locally, combining a gin-based distillate with aloe vera juice. Savor the floral and herbaceous scents of muskmelon, lemon zest, cucumber, and mint. > $49 (for 750 ml.),