Urban Gardening For Lazy People



The headline isn’t meant as an insult. Honestly, this is right up my alley. I’ve been meaning to plant a vegetable garden since I moved into my new house back in March. What’s been the hold up? Laziness (also known as business)—and a little bit of fear. The Bargar family black thumb is notorious (my mom once killed a fake ficus—it just teetered over one day), and I don’t want to be the cause of death for any innocent tubers. I know—it’s not very “now” of me, but it’s true. Plus, I make my own bread and I did start a cactus garden, so I think that evens things out.

But now there’s Home Grow Micro Farms. The L.A. company will drop off a raised bed that’s been pre-planted with whatever produce you wish, and rotate it out once those plants are no longer productive (2-8 months, they say). They can even hook the boxes up to a spigot for self-watering. Hellooo homegrown broccoli! All they require is that you provide at least five hours of sunlight per day. They use only organic seeds and fertilizers and don’t use pesticides of any kind. This time of year you can get started with a squash box, a beet and carrot box, a cabbage box, an herb box, and more—though I’ve got my eye on the wildcard Holiday Gift Box. It’s not dirt-cheap (one box is $100, two is $160, four is $320, and so on) but the kind of people who would utilize this service (ahem, me) are usually fine with splurging a little to avoid the dirty work. Heck, if we were that frugal we would have recovered those deck chairs ourselves, right?  

Thanks to the one, the only, Chris Nichols for sitting in traffic behind a Home Grow Micro Farms truck today and then subsequently blowing my mind.