Unicorn Dim Sum Is a Thing Now, Because of Course It Is

What you know bao dat?

This might shock you, but unicorns aren’t real. Don’t tell the food industry, though, which regularly summons the mythical creatures’ magical rainbow spirit as often as possible because #DoItForTheGram.

First it was bagels. Then it was grilled cheese. Then a slew of adorable desserts. Now it’s dim sum, as created by the Los Angeles-based company Momma Fung & Co.:

They call them Unicorn Buns for what I’m sure are obvious reasons. Each sleeve of multicolored dough is stuffed with pork, chicken, or some sort of vegan concoction. The result is formed into whimsical dream balls which are then steamed to perfection. Momma Fung usually slings them at 626 Nightmarket, which itself has earned a rep as an incubator for adorable, Instagrammable foods, so this is all starting to make a lot of sense. (Indeed at the moment, you can only find Unicorn Buns at pop-ups, so follow along on Instagram and Facebook for event updates.)

If you prefer your unicorny eats more sweet than savory, consider the drink + cake concoctions from Caked LA, who seem to have taken a page out of Black Tap NYC’s book in that their beverages are topped with a full-on slice.

A post shared by Caked La (@caked_la) on

A post shared by Caked La (@caked_la) on

Maybe since unicorns don’t exist, calories from unicorn-themed foods don’t either?

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