Umami Burger Does Another Thing


The Adam Fleischman domination continues today with the announcement that the Umami Burger CEO will open a small-scale Umami Burger concept in Westwood Village called U-Mini. We are assuming that the space itself and not the burger is what has been miniaturized, here. (Though now that we mention it, there’s probably an “Umami-Slider” concept floating around the SBE offices as we speak.) This is not to be confused with U-Ko, the Umami operation that will serve a lower-priced, smashed-style burger in a quick-serve format (that’s PC for “fast food”). U-Mini will feature just 45 seats, no waiters, and disposable dinnerware (don’t worry, it’s biodegradable and compostable). The place will also function as a test lab for the company’s tablet-only ordering system, web orders, new burgers, and more. More information