The Ultimate Bill Chait Fantasy Meal

What if you assembled a dream team of dishes from L.A.’s most prolific restaurateur?

In our November issue (The Food Lover’s Guide, available on newsstands now) we profile Bill Chait, the Los Angeles restaurateur who has helped transform the city’s dining scene by launching such destination restaurants such as Rivera, Picca, Sotto, Bestia, and Rebuplique. Chait’s blossoming empire spans the city’s geographic and culinary boundaries, which made us wonder: What if you could construct the ultimate fantasy meal made entirely of dishes available at his top restaurants?

We don’t suggest attempting to pull off this menu in one evening, but if time, budgets, and stomach space were somehow irrelevant, this would be the gastronomic tour of our Chait-filled dreams:

Course #1: The at Petty Cash
The most Instragrammed appetizer at this Beverly Boulevard taqueria is also the most pleasurable: An indulgent combination of guacamole, pico de gallo, and fresh sea urchin scooped up with puffy squares of chicharron.

Course #2: Pan-Roasted Chicken Gizzards at Bestia
If you’re intimidated by offal, let Bestia chef Ori Menashe convince you otherwise. His stunningly juicy chicken gizzards are first confited with orange, chiles, and thyme, then paired with roasted beets, belgian endive, and aged capra sarda cheese.

Course #3: Homage to Caiazzo at Sotto
Chefs Steve Samson and Zach Pollack have gained innumerable fans for the soulful pizzas and pastas at their Southern Italian trattoria in Mid-City, including this hulking char-speckled calzone stuffed with escarole capers, Gaeta olives, and a trencher’s portion of creamy, molten burrata.

Course #4: New York Strip Steak & Fries at République
Walter Manzke’s populist bistro on La Brea has gained a reputation for its stunning steak frites, which are made with gorgeous cuts of grass-fed beef dry-aged in house, and crispy Belgian-style fries cooked in beef tallow and peanut oil. Dipping those fries in the accompanying bearnaise sauce adds another level of richness to this classic combination.

Course #5: Brown Butter Blueberry Pie at Short Cake
Chait’s most humble enterprise is Short Order, a quaint burger restaurant with attached bakery located in the Original Farmers Market. Pastry chef Ivan Marquez’s crumbly-crusted pies are filled with whatever fruit is in season, including a recent offering made with plump blueberries that struck the perfect balance between tart and sweet.