Trejo’s Tacos Is Giving L.A.’s Favorite Food the Hollywood Treatment

Movie star Danny Trejo takes on the role of taquero

“You serve food here, Jose?” says Seth Gecko, played by George Clooney.

“Best in Mexico,” responds Danny Trejo’s character, Razor Charlie, AKA everyone’s favorite bartending vampire in the From Dusk Till Dawn franchise.

“I kind of doubt that,” Gecko fires back.

Well, eat your heart out Clooney—I believe Razor Charlie tried to literally eat Clooney’s heart out in the next scene—because legendary Mexican-American icon, Danny Trejo, has now opened his first taqueria. And he means business.

Consulting chef Daniel Mattern (formerly of Cook’s County) worked with closely with Trejo, film producer Ash Shah, and Jeff Georgino to arrive at the current Trejo’s Tacos menu that emphasizes organic ingredients and L.A.’s current health food trends. Beans are from Rancho Gordo, tortillas are from La Princesita, you can get brown rice, and, of course, there’s a tofu taco that you can chase with a kombucha on tap. Though none of this comes as a surprise in the post-Guerrilla Tacos era.

Lettuce-wrapped fried chicken "taco"
Lettuce-wrapped fried chicken “taco”

Photograph by Bill Esparza

Vegan options are available on many dishes; there’s an Austin-style fried avocado taco served with a tomatillo salsa as well as something for carnivores like the pulled beef brisket, pork shoulder. And then there’s the fried Jidori chicken taco, Trejo’s favorite on the menu, that he recommends getting served in a big leaf of lettuce. Now, I’m not going to argue with Danny Trejo (not to his face anyway) about what constitutes a taco—there really has to be a tortilla involved somewhere—but his fried chicken wrap taco, taco light, whatever, is all about enjoying the flavorful batter and texture of the fried chicken. Since the coating has flour, a tortilla would have been stealing the show anyways. So we lose the tortilla—that’s the way things go in Hollywood!

Trejo even has his own coffee, provided by Pasadena’s Zona Rosa coffee, so kick back, grab a nitro cold brew and get your super-food on, L.A. style, on a tortilla, at the house that Machete built.

Trejo’s Tacos, 1048 S. La Brea Ave., Mid-Wilshire, (323) 938-8226,