Well, That’s One Way to Get People in Your Restaurant…

Westvleteren XII—an über-rare beer often called the best in the world—is pouring at Pasadena’s Trattoria Neapolis
Westvleteren XII available at Trattoria Neapolis in Pasadena

Photograph courtesy Brouwerij Westvleteren

Last month, beer geeks freaked the hell out when news came that Westvleteren XII (revered by many as the best beer in the world) would be available for sale in L.A. in very limited amounts. “Westy 12,” as the coveted ale is colloquially called, is not usually sold outside of the walls of the Belgian monastery that makes it. (And even if you traveled all the way there, it wasn’t guaranteed that you’d be able to carry some away.)

Anyway, it of course sold out in record time, but not before getting Trattoria Neapolis owner Perry Vidalakis got his hands on 19 bottles. Six-packs were retailing for around $85, though Vidalakis will be charging $55 per 11.2 fl oz bottle at his restaurant. (To be fair, one of those $85 Westvleteren gift packs did resell for $450 on eBay.) 

So, how’s it being doled out? Three bottles will be made available each week on a first come, first served basis, starting the count over each Monday at 11 a.m. No calling to reserve. You just gotta go down there. (Though you can call to verify availability.)

Trattoria Neapolis, 336 S. Lake Ave., 626-792-3000, trattorianeapolis.com