Top Chef 10: Ten Things We Learned From Last Night’s Episode 12

The triumphant return of PFL

In honor of the 13th season of Bravo’s beloved cooking competition show running up and down the California coast, we shall, every week, outline the 10 (get it?) things we learned from watching each episode. Last night’s episode of Top Chef taught us plenty. Here, our top 10 learnable moments:

10. There’s someone named Carl
Did you guys know this? Where’d he come from? Has he been here the whole time? Wait, maybe his name is Kyle. Kevin? No, pretty sure it’s Carl.

9. You can put Asian ingredients in tacos
So Jeremy invented this crazzzzzyyyyy thing last night. It’s—wait for it—Asian fusion tacos. Sounds a little too crazy though. No one would go for anything like that, and it definitely wouldn’t pave the road for L.A.’s most diverse restaurant empire and come to embody its entire culinary zeitgeist. Nahhhhhh.

8. Mid ‘90s PBS was the golden age of cooking shows
Seeing Martin Yan drop Chinese food knowledge on all these young guns made us remember how great Yan Can Cook was.

7. Marjorie totally invented Knead and Co. Pasta Bar back in May
Bruce Kalman might owe her some royalties. Or at least a bowl of bucatini on the house.

6. Kwame doesn’t understand what people want in office lunches
Forty mini chicken and waffle sandwiches is not an appropriate office lunch. Those would be incredibly difficult to transport and eat and syrup would get on your keyboard while you type Top Chef recap blogs. You know what would be a great office lunch? A bucket of gumbo.

5. Isaac cooks good gumbo
But you already knew that though.

4. PFL is good at Catch-22s
If he tells Kwame he shouldn’t use the prepackaged waffles, then he pulls the ultimate PFL move and tries to take control when control isn’t his to take. If he sits back and says nothing, Kwame self-destructs, gets sent home, and PFL is on yet another losing team. I think he chose right and won back some fans.

3. Adam Fleischman once owned a burger chain before becoming the world’s preeminent continuum physicist/low-key entrepreneurial cult leader (buy his ebook!)
Killer font on the website too.

2. We need more woks
Everywhere. All the time. 

1. Kwame had the best exit in Top Chef history
Telling Tom that being in the kitchen at Craft opened his eyes up to the greater possibilities of food reminded us why we watch Top Chef in the first place. Well, that, and to see Padma berate people.