Top Chef 10: Episode 16


In honor of the 10th season of Bravo’s beloved cooking competition show—and the continual stream of L.A. restaurants spawned by its contestants—we shall, every week, outline the 10 (get it?) things we learned from watching each episode. Last night’s episode of Top Chef Seattle taught us plenty. Here, our top 10 learnable moments:

10. Tom Colicchio is one heck of an expo

He could have very easily staged that whole “expeditor” routine for TV, but we get the sense he wasn’t faking that stress vein that appeared in his forehead whenever Brooke’s food wasn’t ready. You can work our line anytime, chef. Brooke? We’re not so sure.

9. Sheldon should stick to his Menehune routine

Tell us what’s wrong with this line: “It’s not what I’ve been cooking all season, but I want to show them how much I’ve grown.” But Sheldon, you’re in the finale because of what you’ve been cooking all season! From that moment on we knew he was doomed. You succeeded in being the most Hawaiian person on TV ever—and that’s including Don Ho. And now you’re cooking some quail with pine nut puree? What, are you going to tempura fry it too? Jeeze.

8. Brooke is Sang Yoon’s favorite protégé

Sang Yoon and Brooke Williamson worked together at Michael’s back in the day, and during a meal together at A-Frame, Sang confesses that Brooke was his favorite little kitchen buddy. Awwww.

7. We want to live in Hawaii

Wait, so everyone really does just go to the beach all day and barbecue and act real mellow n’ stuff? We’re in. (Oh, and in case HR is reading this: We’re going to have a few, er, sick days coming up…)

6. A-Frame has terrible lighting

Wait, we’re sorry, is that Sang Yoon? It’s hard to tell in this cave of darkness! What, did Roy Choi put his foot down and not let the crew bring in lights? Or were they trying to keep the whole thing under wraps? Either way, the scene with Brooke, Sang Yoon, and Choi chatting it up at A-Frame looked like every poorly lit food blogger gif on Vine. (Yes, OK, ours included.)

5. We need to get back to Hudson House

It’s been ages since we’ve pulled up a barstool at the Redondo Beach gastropub that Brooke co-runs with her husband, and man those fried pig ear strips with a poached egg did look mighty good. (So do the 50 beers on tap.)

4. In six months, Sheldon couldn’t find a new beanie

Or y’know, get rid of it altogether?

3. Last Chance Kitchen actually works

We all knew Kristen was the best of the eliminated bunch, and now here she is back to cooking like a champ and taking names—fair and square. Isn’t it great when reality TV reflects actual reality? 

2. Girls rule

With Sheldon gone, this will be the first all-girl finale in Top Chef history, right? Or are we forgetting something? Regardless, nicely done chefs.

1. Yan Can Judge!

Oh Martin Yan, seeing you there across from Padma Lakshmi at judges table reminds me of watching episodes of Yan Can Cook on PBS as a kid. You were the reason I asked my mom for a wok when I was 12 (I didn’t get it). Nice to see you again, sir!

Might we see more of Yan next week? Tune in to the finale part deux next Wednesday at 10 p.m.