Toast to This Weekend’s Pop-Up at Daily Dose Cafe

The trendy but delicious artisanal specialty gets topped with berries, burrata, and of course, o.g. avocado

So, you like toast, eh? Then there’s only one place for you to be this Saturday because Daily Dose Cafe, the lush little spot in Downtown L.A.’s Arts District, is hosting a pop-up dedicated to admittedly-trendy-yet-undeniably-delicious artisanal toast. Dentist/chef (more on that later) Matthew Jung-Quillen will be serving three beautifully constructed sweet and savory toasts from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the patio restaurant.

“I first thought of a toast popup concept while helping to coach my friend Devin Chapman of Verve Coffee  for the 2015 United States Barista Championships,” says Jung-Quillen. “Helping to formulate a signature drink for his routine, my culinary interests began crossing over into the coffee world, and naturally I began to think about foods that would compliment amazing, high-quality, single-origin coffees….I decided to get creative with a toast, something always associated with coffee and teas.”

California avocado, edible soil, root & vine, local flowering greens, herb, citrus + flower
California avocado, edible soil, root,  vine, local flowering greens, herb, citrus, flowers

Photograph courtesy of Daily Dose

While practicing dentistry, Jung-Quillen has spent much of his free time in the past few years staging in some pretty serious kitchens, including Egg Slut, Alma, The Springs, and Superba Snack Bar. While, at this point, he doesn’t plan to quite his day job, the part-time chef is pretty passionate about toast and is elated to be doing this pop-up at Daily Dose, which is owned by his friend Sarkis Vartanian (who thought Jung-Quillen was crazy when he told him he wanted to cook). Future toast pop-ups with some exciting collaborations are in store.

As for this week, the menu will include a summer berry-topped toast with sweet mascarpone, rosemary-strawberry reduction, herbs, almonds, and honey; the essential o.g. avocado toast stacked with edible soil (yes, really), root, vine, local flowering greens, herb, citrus, and flowers; and one called On Cloud Nine, a burrata-based creation finished with heirloom tomatoes, peaches, nectarines, pickled rainbow chard, basil oil, walnuts, and wheatgrass.

We’ll toast to that.

redarrowDaily Dose Cafe, 1820 Industrial St., (213) 281-9300. The toast pop-up will take place from 3:00-6:00 p.m.