Tiki Cocktail Night at 320 Main Pits Don vs. Vic

We hope your vintage Hawaiian shirt is back from the dry cleaners, because tonight marks the second round of 320 Main’s Tiki Nights, a celebration of the art and history of the Tiki cocktail. Bartenders Jason Schiffer and Matt Robold of 320 Main as well as Marcos Tello of The Varnish AND 1886 will be recreating the recipes from two of the most famous Tiki cocktail canons of the 1960’s: Trader Vic’s and Don the Beachcomber, and pitting the drinks against each other in a battle for cocktail supremacy (Purists debate the merits of Don’s versus Vic’s with an enthusiasm usually reserved for sports teams or national politics). Mai Tais, Zombies, Hurricanes, Singapore Slings, and other colorful, booze-filled creations will be poured for $10 each, and L.A. or Chicago dogs can be had for $4. At the end of the night, guests will vote on their favorite drink and a winner will be announced—yet we’d imagine after a few potent cocktails, everyone will leave with a smile no matter what the outcome.

Doors open at 7PM
320 Main Street, Seal Beach