Three Reasons Your New Year’s Resolution Is Hopeless


A new fad elevates fair food to dessert-menu fair game. Good luck, waistline

1. Deep-fried Fluffernutter
As if you needed another reason to combine marshmallow fluff and Skippy, Studio City’s Black Market Liquor Bar serves a crispy version of the decadent sandwich. » 

2. Deep-fried Oreos
You can pair Beer Belly’s cookies-gone-evil with one of its craft beers, but we’d prefer a glass of ice-cold milk. »

3 Deep-fried PB&J
At the Malibu Inn, the childhood favorite lands in a vat of bubbling oil but not on the dessert menu—that’s right, it’s listed as an entrée. Now where do they keep the Tilt-A-Whirl? »

Photograph by Paul Toone