This Week’s Farmers’ Market Haul


My trip to the farmers market (usually Atwater Village, sometimes Hollywood, occasionally Altadena) is the highlight of my week. Behold, my loot!

Where: Hollywood Farmers Market

When: 11/4, 8:30 a.m.

1. These were billed as a cross in flavor between a cantaloupe and a cucumber. I have no idea what that means but I bought three.

2. Organic avocados, three for $2. A steal! 

3. Carrots, of your basic orange variety, from Weiser Family Farms. They’re not the prettiest ones on Alex’s table, but they’re priced right and taste super sweet. A four year old boy looked up at me as I was shoving them in my bag and said, “Please lady, don’t take all the carrots.” Too bad, kid. 

4. A sack of pee-wee potatoes from Weiser, as well. 

5. Brussels sprouts from a farmer I forget. Ever since the salad served by Hart and the Hunter at the Los Angeles magazine Food Event, I’ve been craving these bad boys. 

6. The most gorgeous little leaves of purple kale I’ve ever seen from, again, I forget. (Bad blogger, bad!) A guy who was grabbing some next to me said it makes the best kale chips. Done and done. 

7. Some of the first Satstuma mandarins from Arnett Farms. I love when the little leaves are still attached.

8. Some of the last (and smallest) cantaloupe from McGrath. I’m still not done with melons (and apparently, neither is this weather. 

9. Apples from Fair Hill Organics. I’m a sucker for Fuji, but I’ve been trying to branch out with a few Pink Ladies. These are easy sack lunch fodder. 

10. I’ve been obsessed with the eggs from Kendor Farm since last year’s Breakfast issue, where we did a market egg taste-off. The yolk color is simply surreal. 

11. Pretty little purple carrots for roasting from Weiser, of course. 

12. Butternut squash—a small one from South Central Farm. I’m still squashed-out from last winter, but time to get back on the horse. Plus, a recent dish of roasted squash with Pecorino at Echo Park’s Cortez got me back in the mood.

13. Broccoli from South Central Farm—because we all need something green to melt cheese over, sometimes, am I right? 

14. A surprise apple danish for my husband from Homeboy Bakery. (He cleaned the house later, solo. Much deserved.)

15. They’re back! Pea shoots rank high among my favorite produce items—period. Sautéed with a little walnut oil? Fuggeddabout it. These are some of the first of the year from McGrath. 

16. Fleurs! I picked up some from Silver Lake Farms and a few from another flour guy. I look for a mix between great color, hardiness, and cat repelling. (Mine’ll walk up and nibble a bouquet like it was a salad bar if I don’t choose wisely.)

*Bonus – Celebrity sighting: Jimmy Kimmel 

 Till next week!