This Weekend’s Must Taste: Baohaus

Coachella attendees: Eddie Huang is coming West just for you.

It’s entirely plausable that Eddie Huang, the outspoken, rampage-prone, spice-loving chef, is off your radar. He’s based in New York, after all, and he’s famous for a street food snack that L.A.’s denizens already have plenty of: bao buns. But, since Huang broke out onto the scene with Baohaus in N.Y., he’s had fans and bloggers buzzing for over a year. 

After a recent stint hanging out in L.A. with our own (similarly outspoken and spice-loving) chef Roy Choi (Kogi, etc.), Huang is back on the left coast this weekend. Specifically, he’s holding up the food provisions inside The Terrace at Coachella. If his menu at Coachella lives up to its East Coast hypeand we’re betting it willit’s a must taste for anyone Indio-bound this weekend and next. 

We recommend: The Birdhaus Bao, a brined fried chicken bao with Haus seasoning salt, cilantro, crushed peanuts, lime mayonnaise, and Taiwanese red sugar. 

Baohaus at Coachella, 81-800 Avenue 51, Indio, CA 90036