This Week in L.A. Food News: June 14 Edition

The good, the bad, AND the ugly

It’s Friday afternoon. The clock is ticking slower than ever and you’ve already mentally checked out at work. To help pass the time, we present a weekly recap of some of the food-focused gems we’ve mined from our own site and from friends around the interwebs, to help keep you in the know. Read on and try to enjoy your last few hours of office thumb twiddling… that drink will be in your hand soon enough. 

The Good:
Outback Steakhouse Review: Please Don’t Call This Food Australian [L.A.Weekly]
How many free samples are too many to take? Here are some rules [Daily Dish]
Mexico Looks to Reduce its Trade Deficit with China, One Tequila Shot at a Time [L.A. Mag Digest]
Ramen Noodles’ Gourmet Makeover, From College Dorm Staple to Fine Dining [ABC]
L.A. Bartenders on What to Get Dad This Father’s Day [L.A. Mag Digest]

Oh God: The Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe Is Coming To The OC Fair [OCW]

The Bad:
I Hate to Break it to You, but You Already Eat Bugs [Scientific American]
The iTray: Restaurant Invents Flying Drone Waiter Tray [Squid Ink]
The Closing of Damiano’s: The Value of a Neighborhood Restaurant [Squid Ink] 
Photo: Wendy’s Employee Drinks Frosty Straight From the Nozzle [LAist]
How Did Downtown Santa Monica Become a Chain Restaurant Mecca? [L.A. Mag Digest]

The Ugly:
Danish supermarket staff find packets of cocaine in banana shipment from Colombia [KFWB]