This Week in L.A. Food News: August 2 Edition

The good, the bad, AND the ugly

It’s Friday afternoon. The clock is ticking slower than ever and you’ve already mentally checked out at work. To help pass the time, we present a weekly recap of some of the food-focused gems we’ve mined from our own site and from friends around the interwebs, to help keep you in the know. Read on and try to enjoy your last few hours of office thumb twiddling… that drink will be in your hand soon enough. 

The Good:
Eat what J. Gold ate at Chengdu Taste. [SinoSoul]
Roadside Eats is coming to Hollywood.
[Eater L.A.]
Google upgrades Startbucks’ WiFi. [Google]
How jam maker Jessica Koslow of Sqirl makes magic in a jar
. [Daily Dish]

Five great chocolate chip cookies in L.A. [Squid Ink]
In which we ponder the crogogi. [L.A. Mag Digest]
Whole Foods is coming to downtown L.A. [LAist]

The Bad:
This pepperoni pizza shirt. [Pizza Shirt]
Silver Lake’s El Conquistador is priced out of its lease. [Squid Ink]
Shirtless man goes on restaurant rampage. [NBC]
Whatever you do, don’t take photos at Bucato. [L.A. Mag Digest]
Have a $1,000 bucks to spare? [LAist]

The Ugly:
50,000 pounds of beef have been recalled. [CNN]