This Week in L.A. Food: April 5 Edition

The Good, the Bad, AND the Ugly

It’s Friday afternoon. The clock is ticking slower than ever and you’re already mentally checked out at work. To help pass the time, we present you with a weekly recap of some of the food-focused gems we’ve mined from our own site and from friends around the interwebs, to help keep you in the know. Read on and try to enjoy your last few hours of office thumb twiddling… that drink will be in your hand soon enough.

The Good:
Chef Nate Appleman Cooks at Animal on April 15 [Eater LA]
Beef and Pork Producers Unite to Create Infinitely Less Confusing Meat Labels [Grub Street]
10 Restaurant Picks From Karen and Quinn Hatfield [Squid Ink]
Shook, Won: How A Chef Made It All Work Spectacularly Well In Los Angeles [Food Republic]
Anthony Bourdain + Roy Choi = A Wild Night in Hollywood [Zagat]
18 Top Restaurants Near Dodger Stadium [Food GPS]
10 Restaurant Picks From Karen and Quinn Hatfield [Squid Ink]
What’s Cookin’ in Coachella’s Food Court This Year [LA List]


Behind the Bartender: Dave Kupchinsky of The Eveleigh [LA Mag Digest]
Public Tickets Now On Sale for UCLA’s Science & Food Lecture Series [LA Mag Digest]
Wanna Piranha? Amazonian Fish Ribs at Paiche [LA Mag Digest]
Is Tiki Ti “Pulling a Bahooka”? [LA Mag Digest]

The Bad:
Dunkin’ Donuts New Glazed Donut Sandwiches Take Novelty Mainstream [Food Beast]
Black Cat Bakery Scratched Off Fairfax [Grub Street]
Walmart Allegedly Keeps Changing ‘Best By’ Date On Its Donuts [Huffington Post]
Lowest Paying Jobs In America: 7 Out Of 10 Are In The Food Industry [Huffington Post]
Should Reservation No-Shows Be Publicly Shamed? [KCET Food]

The Ugly:
College Student Runs Dumpster Diving Cafe with ‘Recycled’ Food [Food Beast]
Frito Burrito Actually Returning to Taco Bell [Zagat]