This Week: Brooklyn Meets L.A. for a One-Night-Only Dinner in Silver Lake

Sqirl’s Jessica Koslow and Maison Premiere’s Lisa Giffen team up for Sauvage

Well, this should be good. L.A.’s own Jessica Koslow of Sqirl and Lisa Giffen of Maison Premiere, the acclaimed New Orleans-style oyster and cocktail bar in Brooklyn, will be teaming up for a one-night-only dinner this Thursday. The five-course meal will include wine pairings from Cory Cartwright of importer Selection Massale, cocktails, snacks, and dessert.

“Jess and I share similar perspectives on food and wine—we wanted to do a dinner serving food and wine that we would have if we were having our own dinner party. It is a great and fun opportunity to work together before my focus turns to the opening of a new restaurant [a new project from Maison Premiere] in Brooklyn,” says Giffen.

The planned menu features venison and oyster tartar; a seafood-laced chilled cucumber soup with shrimp, scallop, mackerel, and avocado; and braised short ribs served with smoked onion confit. Wild boysenberry preserves also make it on the menu as part of a starter that also includes Clark Street baguettes because this is Sqirl after all. Just the thought of the oven-roasted peaches dessert with lemon verbena ice cream is enough to send our sweet tooth into overdrive.

Tickets (which are $140 a person and include dinner, wine pairing, and cocktails) for Thursday’s dinner can be purchased on Sqirl’s Web site.

redarrow Sqirl Away (right next door to Sqirl), 720 N. Virgil Ave #4 , 213-394-6526. Dinner starts at 7:30 and goes ’til the wine runs out.