This Just In: Red Medicine to Revamp Formosa Café’s Menu

The West Hollywood landmark restaurant will soon start serving food created by Jordan Kahn and company.

For nearly 90 years, Formosa Café has served some rendition of Chinese food. The restaurant that was once housed in a railroad car recently hired barman Joseph Brooke to mix up the drinks. Now comes word that chef Jordan Kahn and the team behind Red Medicine will revamp the historical restaurant’s menu.

Formosa Café owner Vincent Jung has joined forces with Adam Fleischman and his AdVantage Restaurant Group partners, Jordan Kahn and Noah Ellis. They’ve selected Mark Tagnipez (XIV, Red Medicine, Momofuku, EggSlut, Trois Mec) to be the chef at the newly branded Red Med at Formosa Café. 

Says Jung of the change, “Formosa Café has been part of Hollywood for a long-time. Everybody in Hollywood knows, you stay relevant by constantly re-inventing yourself.”

The new menu, which will be on offer by the end of this month, is the first of several planned celebrations to mark Formosa Café’s 75th Anniversary in its present location on Santa Monica Boulevard near La Brea. Formosa Café, 7156 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood,