This is How Your Easter Candy Is Made

Secrets of the See’s Candies factory on La Cienega Blvd.

Even with all the impressive high-end, artisanal confectioners working to sate America’s sweet tooth, a box of nuts and chews from See’s Candies is still one of our all-time favorite indulgences. (It’s even better if it’s a customized box with only dark chocolates.) But did you know that See’s was founded in Los Angeles in 1921? And did you know that most of the See’s candy you eat is made right here in a factory on La Cienega Blvd?

Did you know that their famous Rocky Road Easter Eggs begin with custom marshmallows made with sage buckwheat honey? Did you know that the pink piping and delicate roses are painstakingly added by hand? Did you know that some of the women who do that have worked at the factory for more than two decades, perfecting their technique on tens of thousands of eggs? Did you know that each year the factory produces approximately 15,000 Easter eggs for Los Angeles alone?

Did you know that the See’s factory has two massive silos, each of which holds 80,000 gallons of liquid chocolate (one for milk and one for dark)? Did you know that the most of the company’s candies are based on a specialized blend of Guittard chocolate that’s not commercially available? Did you know that if you laid all the enrober belts in the See’s factory from end to end they would be longer than a football field?

Did you know that Scotch Kisses before they’re hand-wrapped in wax paper look like tiny alien spaceships? Did you know that their cordialized cherries are deliberately enrobed when they’re solid so they can partially liquify and turn creamy while they’re in the box? Did you know that die-hard See’s fans wait eagerly all year for limited runs of Marsh Mint and Red Hot Swamp Goo?

Maybe not. Now you know.