Things We Like: Bouchon’s $36 Bucket of Fried Chicken


Is Bouchon chef Rory Herrman channeling Colonel Sanders? The Beverly Hills restaurant just announced that starting February 27, guests can order the Thomas Keller-created Ad Hoc famous fried chicken in to-go buckets (it was previously only available at monthly dinners).

The price? $36 a bucket, which is a suprising deal all things considered. Sure, it’s quite a bit more expensive than the KFC variety, but if you’ve ever tasted this fried chicken, you’ll understand why it’s worth the price. 

Here’s hoping party-sized high cuisine is a trend in the making. Just imagine: a quart container of Red O’s guacamole, a foot-long Air Philly Cheesesteak from Bazaar, and a family-sized tray of Animal’s oxtail poutine. A menu like that would certainly liven up our next house party.

Bouchon Bistro
235 North Canon Dr,  Beverly Hills
(310) 271-9910