There’s Some Astoundingly Good Kombucha Happening at This Downtown Bar

Yes, it’s absolutely served in a wine glass

If you go to Prank Bar just a couple blocks from Staples Center, you can order the Joey’s House Kombucha for $8 and drink it from a wine glass. Aside from, like, running into Ellen on the beach while listening to 2Pac and eating an al pastor taco, that’s about the most Los Angeles thing you can experience.

Baroo, of course, may set the standard for house booch by the glass—chef Kwang Uh’s elderflower- and lemon verbena-flavored brews are tart, funky, and flat. At Prank, though, the kombucha is crazy fizzy thanks to force carbonation (i.e. blasting it full of CO2 bubbles, which sort of feels like cheating, but whatever). It’s got an aggressive punch of ginger with sweet mango undertones and—thrumming along underneath it all—that groovy bassline of fermented tea. The stuff is brewed in five-gallon barrels by Joey Anderson of the Brews Brothers.

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Barman Dave Whitton opened Prank’s walk-up bar in January, and in addition to the kombucha, he’s got an impressive cocktail program going on. It’s worth a detour.

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