There’s a Salad Bar in Santa Monica That Puts Whole Foods to Shame

Pffft to canned black olives

Forget iceberg lettuce, canned beets, and wilted green beans. Mrs. Winston’s Green Grocery has updated that 1980s culinary throwback with fresh, high-quality produce. Spinach, arugula, and two kinds of kale are just the beginning. There are nearly 50 options including tons of fresh veggies as well as tuna, turkey, and chicken breast. Quinoa, cold noodles, and tofu in peanut sauce are among the half-dozen prepared salads and for desert there’s tapioca, dark chocolate pudding, and a vegan blue spelt blueberry concoction. Or you could pick up a smoothie at the juice bar. Guess the exact price of your salad (it’s pay-by-weight) and you get it for free.

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