Uh, There’s a Keurig for Making Tortillas Now

We’ve been waiting our whole lives for this

There are certain moments when you realize: Holy crap, we really are living in the future. Watching a video of someone insert a tiny cup full of masa into a robot, clicking a button, and getting a fresh-made tortilla out the other end is definitely one of those moments. Self-driving cars all of a sudden seem less impressive.

The dough-griddling automaton was developed by Carlos Ruiz, who got the idea after moving away from his home in Mexico and realizing how much he missed fresh-made tortillas. Rather than learn how make them from scratch, he took the easy road and built a machine to do it for him.

Flatev’s kickstarter dropped on May 1, and reached its $50,000 funding goal within three hours. Most of the good incentives have been claimed, but if you hurry now, you can still snag one for the low, low price of $239 (it retails for $399). And if you need any more proof of how awesome this thing is, look how aggressively this kid eats his new Flatev-made taco. No one eats a taco with that much vigor unless they really mean it.