This Epic Bagel Sandwich Has Onion Jam, Potato Chips, and Rapper Vince Staples’ Approval

Now’s not the time to worry about counting carbs

Sure, you’ve created a schedule for what artists to see at FYF Fest this weekend. You’ll kick off your Saturday with Vince Staples, then head to Air and Tame Impala. You’ll wrap up your evening with Kendrick only to wake up and do it all over again (because #festivallife, bruh).

But the real question is: Do you have a culinary FYF itinerary? You should, because Los Angeles bagel lords the Yeastie Boys just announced a Vince Staples bagel collab dubbed “Poppy St. Special,” available at Expo Park all weekend.

Anyone who calls themselves a Vince Staples fan knows that 3230 Poppy St. in Long Beach is where the rapper lived before police seized the house from him and his family. Anyone who is a Yeastie Boys addict knows their hand-rolled bagels are some of the best in L.A.; they’re chewy and fluffy—but not too massive—with a gorgeous golden-brown exterior. Their eventual collision was inevitable.

For the Poppy St. Special, Yeastie Boys owner Evan Fox spreads avocado and a honey-chipotle cream cheese shmear on a poppy seed bagel, then piles on the Swiss and smoked turkey. The sandwich is topped with a housemade onion jam and Kettle Chips for crunch (plus a “grease factor,” as Fox likes to call it—as a huge fan of non-KFC fried chicken, Staples himself knows all about that grease factor).


Photograph by Erin Mosbaugh

The poppy pun was Staples’s idea, but the concept for the collab was all Fox. “I’ve always wanted to work with him,” Fox admits. “It’s so cool that FYF is cross-genre. Vince Staples was one of those dudes where I thought, ‘He totally fits that festival, and he totally fits the Yeastie Boys ethos.’” It’s apropos, then, that Fox likes to bump With You’s Ghost (feat. Vince Staples)” from the Yeastie Boys truck.

Other less official (but just as tasty) artist-inspired sandwiches on this weekend’s Yeastie Boys menu include the King Kunta (a reference to the Kendrick Lamar track), which is stacked with soft-scrambled egg, peppered bacon, cheddar and jalapeño smear, and tomato. The Drunk Girls, named for dance-punk group LCD Soundsystem, is a classic bacon, egg, and cheese. Eat it up, dance it off, and live your best carb-laden festival life.


Photograph by Erin Mosbaugh