The Waterfront Gives Venice a Spot Where Everyone’s Comfortable

The food at this hyped restaurant is surprisingly good for a casual beach front restaurant

Lately, it feels like we’re too often let down by a much-hyped restaurant killing the evening’s buzz. But then there are those rare meals that defy our expectations. The Waterfront on the Venice Boardwalk is one where everyone at the table agrees they got a better experience than expected. 

Right on the water, Waterfront gets a fair amount of wear and tear from vacationing families, so there aren’t any pristine surfaces—just generous booths and comfortable cushions. The crowd is made up of tourists and locals enjoying the fall weather and smaller beach crowds scarfing sandwiches, including wraps and rolls ($14-$20). Of course, there are tacos. And what’s a day at the beach without nachos or wings and things?

The double cheeseburger is a standout, deftly seasoned, and perfectly charred; the fries are as good as the burger. The guac-and-chips ($14) is a generous portion but lacked lemon, which was good-naturedly remedied by staff. The Breakfast Burrito got raves—”much better than most of them.” Our very patient waiter, Marvin, brought paper and crayons for the Disney Princess, and recommended La Bodega Mala Sula Suerte ($9) an excellent brew, according to our beer drinker. The small wine list goes beyond the usual found in a seaside joint—even going the distance with three champagnes.

On a Sunday it wasn’t too crowded and an instinctively generous hostess put our part of four in a six-top booth. There’s more room than usual between tables, which we didn’t realize we appreciated so much until we’d enjoyed The Waterfront for over two hours, drowsy from wine and sunlight and watching the world go by.

The Waterfront
205 Ocean Walk
Venice Boardwalk
Monday- Tuesday Closed
Wednesday – Saturday: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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