The Turducken Sausage at DogHaus Is Thanksgiving Dinner in a Bun

Give thanks this year for three-bird sausages

We don’t want to be unnecessarily hyperbolic, but the Turducken Sausage at DogHaus might be the most holiday-appropriate sausage sandwich in L.A. right now. It has literally everything from the Thanksgiving table thrown into one hand-held vessel so you can eat it while Tweeting or driving or, in theory, playing racquetball or something.

The sausage itself, created by head würstmacher Adam Gertler, is composed of turkey, chicken, and duck (which you hopefully could have guessed) along with sage, rosemary, thyme, whiskey-soaked cranberries, and diced yams. The franken-meat gets smoked, thrown into a trio of Hawaiian sweet rolls, and topped with sage gravy, Brussels sprouts & bacon slaw, and crispy onions. Maybe it could use a dollop of green bean casserole to complete the ensemble, but that’s just personal preference.

The sandwich costs $7.99 and will be available at all 10 DogHaus locations in Southern California all throughout the month of November. There’s exciting news coming down the DogHaus pipeline aside from their three-meated hydra of a sausage, too. The hot dog and burger chain, which started in Pasadena, just announced a new franchise deal in Minnesota, Washington D.C. and Ohio, which brings them up to 125 planned locations in eight states. We can all celebrate by cheers-ing with Turducken Sausages.