The Tequila Sean Penn Drank with El Chapo Will Soon Debut in the U.S.

Honor del Castillo is the, apparently, the brand of choice for high profile fugitives

I think it’s clear that Sean Penn is a shitty journalist and a hack who just managed to snag the interview every great journalist has been trying to get for the past few decades—a sit down with public enemy number one, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera. Penn wrote a self-serving, dull tale of his journey full of inane details, delivered in scatter-brained prose that led to a high school newsletter style interview. In Mexico, reporters have labeled the story “Sean Penn’s fart,” referring to the story itself, not his flatulent slip in front of the fugitive drug lord.

But Penn did mention sippin’ tequila with El Chapo and the actress/broker of this historic meeting, Kate del Castillo, along with a spread of tacos and other foods. What kind of journalist leaves out the name of the tequila and some details on the food?

The tequila in question is Kate del Castillo’s own brand, Honor del Castillo Reflexion blanco (it will soon debut in the U.S.), which she promised to share with the legendary leader of the Sinaloa Cartel. El Chapo isn’t much of a drinker, and apparently doesn’t get high on his own supply, but he occasionally steals a sip of Buchanan’s (wildly popular blended Scotch whisky that’s popular in Mexico) and celebrity brand tequila.

Just as the tacky, silky club wear shirt El Chapo wore for his video interviews and pictures for the Rolling Stone interview is selling faster than his drugs, this endorsement by El Chapo of Kate del Castillo’s tequila will create a frenzy the Mexican community north of the border. Move over Bukana’s (the way Buchanan’s is pronounced and spelled in Mexico), Honor del Castillo Reflexiones blanco is the new bottle of intrigue among cowboys, gangsters and wanabees. My interest is piqued; and since Penn was too excited to do any journalism, I may never know who catered that spread and what they made. But soon, Honor del Castillo will be in my shot glass as sure as El Chapo will spend his last days in a U.S., federal penitentiary.