The Search for L.A.’s Signature Cocktail is On

Here’s how to submit your SoCal-inspired recipe

New York has the Manhattan, Florence has the Negroni, Paris has the Sidecar, and New Orleans claims the Sazerac as its own. Shouldn’t L.A.—home of the tiki drink, Shirley Temple, and Musso & Frank martini—have its own cocktail too? 

The California Artisanal Distiller’s Guild, whose mission is to support local craft distillers, in partnership with Greenbar Distillery, Los Angeles River Revitalization Corp., Craft and Folk Art Museum, Food Forward, KCRW & Los Angeles magazine have embarked upon a three-month search for a drink that best represents Los Angeles.

The California Artisanal Distiller’s Guild will begin accepting online submissions for L.A.’s signature cocktail this Saturday, March 1. You must be a current resident of Los Angeles and be of drinking age (21+). Other requirements include:

  • Principal spirits must be vodka, gin, rum, whiskey or brandy and comprise more than half of all alcohol in the cocktail
  • Secondary spirits can be any distilled spirit, liqueur or bitters and must comprise less than half of all alcohol in the cocktail    
  • All principal spirits must be made in L.A. county
  • Secondary spirits must be made in California
  • All fresh ingredients must be grown locally    
  • Drink must have five ingredients or fewer    
  • Drink must have a maximum of two-ounces of alcohol, including spirits and liqueurs    
  • Drink must have at least one fresh ingredient other than citrus

The deadline to submit your unique recipe is April 30, 2014.

Complete details may be found at