The Only Guatemalan Hot Dog Truck in the U.S. Is Moving to Los Angeles

Catch a preview of El Shuko truck this weekend

I’ve been a little envious of Las Vegas lately over one particular food truck, a Guatemalan hot dog joint serving shucos (Guatemalan hot dogs), mixtas (hog dog ingredients on a tortilla), and traditional antojitosThe El Shuko Truck has been to L.A. before—just testing the waters—and I’ve been monitoring their Instagram account hoping to catch them one of these times. But owner and cook Cristian Guzmán informed me over a phone call that this weekend’s stop in South L.A. would be their last before permanently locating to the City of Angels sometime after the new year.

Guzmán will be parked in a residential neighborhood this Saturday, December 12th from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday, December 13th from noon to 8 p.m. in South Park. The El Shuko Truck has been coming to Los Angeles over the last year to explore the possibility of a move, mostly in South L.A. where there is a strong Central-American presence.

At El Shuko, you can get their el chapin, which is a standard shuco with an all beef frank, guacamol (avocado spread), mayo, boiled cabbage, mustard, and ketchup on a toasted bun or with a spicy Guatemalan longaniza sausage. Mixtas are made with the same ingredients as a regular shuco, but on a corn tortilla—yes, it’s a hot dog taco (you’re welcome, world)! Their cherote dog has an Argentine touch with a base of carne asada dressed in a Guatemalan chimichurri on a their signature shuco bun.

In addition to their shucos and mixtas, the El Shuko Truck will be serving Guatemalan street foods like enchiladas (beet and ground meat tostadas), chuchitos (small corn husk tamales), and bean tostadas with guacamol for a real Guatemalan street food experience.

Look for the beautiful, topaz blue wrapped truck decorated in Mayan symbols, people, and ruins with a “chicken bus” flair down to the detail on the rear bumper this weekend, and say hello a welcome edition to L.A.’s street food landscape.

El Shuko Truck, 1025 E. 54th St. , South Park, (702) 927-7625, Saturday, December 12 from 2pm to 10pm and Sunday, December 13 from noon to 8pm, Twitter and Instagram @ElShukoTruck