The Morning After: Tequila Tasting at Malo


My love for tequila is a source of pride—as is my ability to drink it. It’s my spirit numero uno and rarely will you find me turning down a sip. But Malo’s high-end tequila tasting last night, even I had to say “enough!”

Yes, the pours were heavy, and the tastings many. My goal was to try the blanco, reposado, and añejo from each of the seven companies showing off their agave goods. I’ll say it: I failed. With no dump bucket, I was drinking a solid ounce per taste. By the last couple of stations I was weaving my way right to the añejo. Not bad for $15 admission.

The shindig was held in Malo’s new upstairs bar/lounge area, which quickly filled up with tequila aficionados and some, well, beginners. (Overheard: “Wow, Tequila, it’s so strong!”; “Can I get a margarita?”)

Pouring at the event:

4 Copas 100% Organic
Maestro Dobel
Casa Noble
Hacienda de Chihuaha Sotol
Tequila Ocho

I was an instant fan of 4 Copas, aged in American oak. But my favorite sip of the night was from Maestro Dobel. Their “diamond” tequila is a crystal clear blend of reposado, añjeo, and super añejo, and went down smoo-ooth with a finish of banana and walnuts.

Platters of shrimp and beef tacos (love that pickle!) plus chips n’ dips were meant to soak up some of the libations. But at the end of the night we headed downstairs for something a little more solid—and pig like. Carnitas and fried plantains to the rescue.

Fun find: The Los Angeles Tequila Tasting Club, brand new to the area, which holds occasional tasting “meetups” like the one at Malo, as well as seminars and workshops with experts from the California chapter of the Academia Mexicana de Tequila. (Why didn’t my college counselor show me their brochure?)