The Kogi Kulprit


Getting a bit weary of all this Kogi madness? (It’s just a damn taco—a damn good taco, but a taco.) Well, we finally know who to blame. Kogi staffer Alice Shin wrote up her first-hand experiences on the Korean BBQ taco truck-turned-superstar for Serious Eats, and casually mentions that until one Mr. Eddie Lin of the blog Deep End Dining (and one-time LAMAG contributor) stopped by the truck, they were begging for love from the blogosphere. Now not a day goes by I don’t see a new picture of Elijah Wood and friends gushing over a spicy pork taco. Worse—the wait has skyrocketed to nearly an hour on some nights. Had enough? Thank Eddie.

(Seriously, though, thanks Eddie!)


-photo: Eric Shin