The Good News/Bad News About Snow Ice


OK, the bad news first: One of the shaved “snow” ice spots we profiled in our July issue (just on stands now) is closed. West Hollywood’s SnoBar has, much like its cool frozen treat, melted away into a delicious puddle of memory. 

Now on to the good news: There’s a new entry in the snow ice game!  Sweet Crush is slated to open in Brentwood in the next few weeks, serving—er, shaving—frozen ice in flavors like mango, Earl grey, green apple, peanut butter, and more plus a slew of toppings. The owners hope for an early July debut. Until then, Westsiders can get their snow fix at the other spots we profile this month: Blockheads and Snow Monkey. Or, you know, they could just head to the SGV, which is where the trend originated in the first place.

Happy shaving!