The Food Event 2015: L.A.’s Best Eats, Drinks, and Chefs Were on Display in Sunny Malibu

And who can forget the giraffes, zebras, and camels? They were the real MVPs

Yesterday marked Los Angeles magazine’s tenth annual Food Event, where more than 40 restaurants, wineries, breweries, and spirits vendors gathered at the scenic Saddlerock Ranch (home to Malibu Family Wines) in Malibu. Everyone ate, drank, mingled, and maybe even learned a thing or two from watching Brooke Williamson shuck oysters on stage during her demo (we know we did). Though everyone was enjoying themselves—and we don’t want to brag, but this might’ve been our best shindig yet—perhaps no one had a better time than Jaleel White. The actor and producer who once played Steve Urkel couldn’t stop taking selfies with the Sqirl team. Until next year, you’ll just have to relive the memories through our photos (and Jaleel’s). Cheers!

When @jaleelwhite selfies himself at his favorite booth. {See you in Silverlake!}

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