The Five Snacks You Need at Your Superbowl Party

Honey-sriracha wings, a mighty Muffaletta, soft pretzels with cranberry mustard, spicy popcorn, and a Texas sheet cake

We love football just as much as the next Angeleno, but our reason for looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday has much more to do with the food. America’s favorite sports event is one of the few home entertaining occasions that requires the host to present little more than booze and a buffet of delicious bites. If your plan was to pick up some chips and mash up a couple of avocados, consider our list of game day-ready snacks. Whip up one or all five and we’re willing to bet your friends will thank you in between bites.

Start with something simple and fun: A-Frame’s Furikake Popcorn is just interesting enough to keep adults happy and the kids from stealing the bowl. If you can’t find the namesake ingredient, furikake, at your local grocer, the popcorn will still taste great without it.

Make a massive sandwich: Double Superba Snack Bar’s Muffaletta and let your guests slice their own snack.

Don’t forget the Sriracha: Shortage smortage. We’re stocking up on the rooster sauce and slathering it on Delphine’s honey-sriracha wings—and then licking our fingers clean.

Pretzels are better with cranberry mustard: We go back to Cook’s County’s spretzel recipe over and over. Not only are they a quick version of a German classic, but the cranberry mustard is an ideal counterpart.

Everybody loves cake: Ah, the sheet cake. It’s easy to make and perfect for a crowd. This one, from exacting hostess Martha Stewart will fit the proverbial football bill.