The Doheny-Kogi Kollision


Last night was the second Kogi Truck (if you don’t know, read, well, everywhere) night at Cedd Moses’ “private” downtown club, the Doheny. Even at a supposedly members-only event, the line for Korean shortrib tacos snaked through the parking garage, with fancy folks waiting up to a half hour for their dose of mobile Korean BBQ-Mexican fusion. Worth it? As usual, hell yes.

Even better? The Korean-inspired cocktails whipped up by the Doheny’s barstaff. The bar’s GM and top mixologists headed to Koreatown yesterday afternoon to scoop up ingredients like nori, tapioca pearls, Botan rice candy, black sesame seeds, and red chili peppers to create a menu of Asian-inspired cocktails that, frankly, rocked my world. My favorite: the ginger margarita made with reposado tequila, Domaine de Canton, and strips of nori for garnish. The sharp ginger, smoky tequila, and briny seaweed made for a serious taste explosion. Also good, the Red Fairy made up of fresh raspberries, vodka, and a touch of Le Tourment Vert absinthe.

All worked surprisingly well with the Kogi contributions. Sipping a $12 custom cocktail while eating a drippy, spicy, Korean taco in a plush leather booth inside a historic Downtown building converted into an exclusive private club? I know it’s cliché, but come on: Only in L.A.