The Cutest Thing We Ate at Last Night’s Gudetama X Plan Check Launch

Because who can resist a slider with a face like that?

Last night marked the launch of the Gudetama X Plan Check collaboration, and all we can say is, dang—that little egg is cute. The totally weird but precious Sanrio character stole our hearts as he/she (we’re not sure) lay atop a pile of beef and bacon, looking right up at us with that—Happy? Not really. Sad? Not exactly. Resigned? Maybe—errr, completely unidentifiable expression.

The month-long event features a four-course set menu ($39) that includes a soy-sauced egg wrapped in crispy pork belly sausage, two beef sliders, chocolate pudding, and an orange-ginger egg cream soda. You also get a shirt.

The sliders were, hands down, the cutest of the bunch. Similar to Plan Check’s Chef’s Favorite Burger, the mini Gudetama version is dressed with bacon, crispy cheese, leather ketchup, and hot sauce. The clincher is that sunny side up quail egg, which has a face. It’s actually a little piece of film they put on the yolk that gives the appearance of a Sharpie drawing. It’s almost too adorable to eat; we felt a little sad after.

Another highlight of the launch was the life-size Gudetama they wheeled in. Despite the fact that she/he just sat in a chair, and didn’t do much more than breathe, our hearts were still won over.

The Gudetama X Plan Check menu is available until November 29 at all three Plan Check locations. Check out their website for more info.