The Cronuts Are Coming! The Cronuts Are Coming!

Well, maybe…

It was only a matter of time before a brave (or just smart) L.A. pastry chef tackled New York’s now world renowned croissant-doughnut hybrid known as the Cronut, created a few weeks ago by Dominique Ansel of Manhattan’s Dominique Ansel Bakery. The first (that we know of, anyway) is Cooks County’s own Roxana Jullapat, who whipped up her first trial batch yesterday. So far, her feelings are mixed. The hashtags accompanying her instagram pic of her buttery creation ranged from “#overrated” to “#wouldratherhaveadonut.” We’ll see about that.

Now, before you crazy fusion-pastry-freaks go lining up outside her Beverly Boulevard restaurant, know this: Jullapat won’t be throwing them on the menu until she feels her recipe is perfect, but she hopes that’s in time for National Donut Day on June 7.

So, how does one get to be a Cronut test batch guinae pig?

UPDATE: So, Dominique Ansel was one smart cookie and went ahead and trademarked the term Cronut. So, we Angelenos—and Jullapat—will have to come up with our own word for the flaky delight. Doissant? Croidonutyoueven? Pastry crack? We welcome ideas in the comments. 

Meanwhile, Matt Lauer prefers muffin tops:

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