The Churchill Joins L.A.’s Crackling Fried Chicken Game

Plus, Komodo Venice doubles down on comfort food with its April 17 fried chicken pop-up

Despite whatever food trend is up next, (donut pop tart, anyone?), there will always be a special place in our hearts for a great piece of fried chicken.

Chef Michael Bryant of The Orlando Hotel’s gastropub, The Churchill, on Third Street in Beverly Grove, has just launched a fried chicken menu only served on Thursday evenings. The popular gastropub with its dark wood and black leather is a lively place to sit outdoors on the patio and people-watch, especially on these balmy “summer”-like evenings we’re having. (Thank you, climate change?)

While the best fried chicken in town is always a heated debate among Angelenos, Bryant, who hails from Virginia, makes his case with a triple whammy: crisp flavorful skin, ridiculously moist meat, and balanced and tasty seasoning. One order of the family-style meal ($25) gives you a whole bird to share–the mound of golden chicken is distinctly juicy due to the buttermilk-brining process, and each bite is chased by a sweet, smoky flavor because the meat is also hickory-smoked. Included in the meal are an umami-bomb side of gruyere mashed potatoes, which comes with a pool of short-rib gravy tinged with whiskey, and Lowcountry-style green beans. But you’ll probably want to order another side of mashed potatoes unless you want to start a fork war over the last bites. Go early–the chicken dinner starts at 4 p.m.–because they only serve this dinner until it runs out each Thursday.

With The Churchill entering this crackling game, L.A. now has special fried chicken nights much of the week, including Sundays at Farmshop in the Brentwood Country Mart, Mondays at Cooks County, and Tuesdays at The Black Cat in Silver Lake.

But if you like your fried chicken with a set of exclusive kicks, swing by Komodo Venice’s Chuck Taylor’s Fried Chicken All Stars pop-up on Friday, April 17, which pits Kodomo chef Erwin Tjahyadi’s Nashville-inspired crispy deep-fried chicken in house-made chili oil against visiting Boston chef Samuel Monsour’s Lowcountry-style in buttermilk brine, Carolina gold sauce, and Bojangles fry seasoning. For $20, you get half a fried chicken, miso-bacon corn, slaw, bottomless mac ’n cheese, and an ice cream sandwich. There are four seatings, and you can buy your tickets here. As for the Chuck Taylor part of the evening, sneaker artist Brian Staton will showcase the new edition of his hand-painted Fried Chicken All Stars shoes, which can be ordered for $200. Staton will also custom-paint Chuck Taylors you bring in for $100 to $200.

redarrowThe Churchill, 8384 W. 3rd St., Beverly Grove, 323-655-8384

redarrow Komodo, 235 Main St., Venice, 310-255-6742