The Bruery Closes its Bruery Provisions Tasting Room in Downtown Orange

Company chooses to focus its attention on brewing beer versus operating bottle shops

Image courtesy The Bruery

Whoa! Just received in the inbox, news that The Bruery will be closing its Bruery Provisions retail store in downtown Orange. After verifying that today is not in fact April Fools’ Day, I went on to read the sad announcement about the shuttering of their popular bottle shop, which also specialized in artisan cheese and charcuterie plates, serving as a great little community watering hole for the past three years.

CEO Patrick Rue explains: [emphasis ours]

“As fantastic as Provisions is, it has taken a disproportionate amount of The Bruery’s resources to operate and I decided it would be best for the long term success of the company to focus on making beer rather than operating a bottle shop and beer bar. […] To put it simply, we are a small company, we can’t do everything.

“If Provisions was a tool to educate people about craft beer and help move the industry and culture forward, then it was a rousing success. […] As Winston Churchill once said, ‘This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. It is, instead, the end of the beginning.’  And so it is for The Bruery. Our first 5 years are coming to a close and we are now putting ourselves on track for the next 5 years of craft beer and beyond. We are thankful to our customers and employees who have joined us on this journey.” 

The Bruery’s focus will remain on production of (amazing) beer, and they will continue to operate their 40-tap tasting room in Placentia, adjacent to their existing brewing facility. Food service at Bruery Provisions will end today, and all retail sales will end effective Sunday, January 13th.

The Bruery, 715 Dunn Way, Placentia,