The Best Damn Espresso I’ve Ever Had: G&B Coffee at SQIRL in Silver Lake


A few weeks ago, my buddy Josh Lurie from FoodGPS asked if I’d like to join him at G&B Coffee, a coffee pop-up of sorts, using a counter at the recently relocated SQIRL kitchen in Silver Lake. True too that the food was ridiculously good, but the espresso is what I really haven’t shut the hell up about ever since my visit.

Why, you ask? Because it was the best damn demitasse of espresso I’ve ever had. The crema on top was a deep shade of yellow, thick with oils that I’d never seen above an espresso shot before. The beans were fragrant beyond belief, exuding floral notes blended with citrus and the smells you’d expect from a wonderfully deep roast, only much more profound. A touch of sweetness keeps the acidity in check, and there’s close to no bitterness to speak of.

Not only was it an eye-opening experience, it actually made me mad about every espresso I’d ever ordered from anywhere else. What was this swill I’d been blindly consuming, and where had G&B been my entire life? No fault of theirs really, since they are new to open, and co-owners Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski have been busy honing their skills at places like Intelligentsia and, y’know, taking home some serious honors at the U.S. Barista Championship. (Kyle: 1st place in 2008; Charles: 2nd place in 2012.) NBD…

And as the clock just now rounds 1 p.m. on a looooong Tuesday, I can think of nothing I’d love more than a delightful caffeine kick in the pants from G&B. And I certainly wouldn’t mind one of SQIRL’s Kukoho Rose Brown Rice bowls, either. (Though I’ll save that post for another day.) And maybe some of their delectable jams to go, too? Ooh, and maybe a… 

G&B Coffee at SQIRL, 720 N Virgil Ave., Ste. 4, Silver Lake

Photograph by Randy Clemens