The Best Boozy News All Week Comes From a Former Hair Salon

Eagle Rock’s Heirloom L.A. opens their dining salon to the public and bottles their own red and white.

Last night, Tara Maxeyco-owner, with Matthew Poley of Heirloom L.A., the catering company, food truck and party planning team—sent us a quick, seemingly innocent little note. It said that Heirloom L.A. has qualified for a wine and beer license, and that they’re now bottling and selling their own wine blends: a red called Scarlet and a white called Bianca. What’s more, they’re opening their dining salon to the public.

For anyone who’s had one of Heirloom’s famous lasagna cupcakes, eaten a simple but delicious salad off their food truck or followed them on instagram, this is big news. If there’s one thing we need in L.A., it’s another way to eat Poley and Maxey’s locally sourced, hearty and deceptively healthy food. Unless you’ve been lucky enough to get invited to a party at The Salon (which used to house a hair salon until the couple took it over), you’ve not tasted the range of what Heirloom L.A. has to offer. What used to be the best private dining room in L.A. is now opening to the public. And, like another recently opened and much sought after dining experience, Heirloom L.A. is selling tickets to dinners at The Salon.

The first dinners take place in just a few weeks, on May 9 and 10. For $75 per person (all in, including tax and house wine with each course), diners get a four course menu plus appetizers and bubbly. The menu includes dishes like: grapefruit and clementine salad with homegrown smokey passionfruit vinaigrette, sweet peas, shaved fennel and greens; and for a main course on May 9, house-smoked leg of lamb roast with McGrath Farms beet juice ricotta cavatelli, saffron liason and braised cabbage, broccoli leaves and kale. View the full menus, and make reservations here.

The Salon at Heirloom L.A., 4120 Verdugo Rd. Los Angeles CA 90065 (855) 456-6652